A Salute To Sexy T- Shirts

By: DL Publishing On: 6:56 PM
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  • Big Butt Hot Air Balloon

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:07 PM
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  • Superman is Black ?

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:05 PM
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  • I hope he can stop that oncoming car

    Fat Midget Strippers

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:03 PM
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  • what can you do for 50 cents ?

    Anorexic Beach Granny

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:59 PM
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  • This is the backshot of the anorexic beach granny from South America

    Look at My Chest When I'm Talkin To You

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:59 PM
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  • The Bitch Miss Bitch T-Shirt

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:55 PM
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  • Female Predator Funny T shirt

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:54 PM
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  • choices, choices...

    Freezing Nipples T- Shirt

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:47 PM
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  • If it wasn't written on the shirt, we'd have never guessed ;)

    Playboy Bunny Exotic Car Model Dude

    By: DL Publishing On: 12:35 AM
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  • Hugh Hefner missed this one. Watch out he's going for centerfold status.

    Dude Makes Pants Out of Stuffed Animals

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:10 PM
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  • Best Bra Ever !

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:08 PM
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  • Two Faced Dude

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:07 PM
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  • Punk Rocker With Teddy Bear Backpack

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:05 PM
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  • Looks like he is on a very important call. hmmmmm....

    Dude Dressed As A Lamb Ballerina

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:05 PM
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  • Well that was our guess, what do you think he is dressed as ?

    Download our new Android App

    By: DL Publishing On: 3:06 PM
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  • Download our new Android App: Check out our new Android App Crazy Odd Pictures. Get it here http://www.appsgeyser.com/123711

    HAG's of The Day- Are These Dudes Sexy or What ?

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:42 PM
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  • And this folks is why women stay single!

    Follow The Rules on The Door

    By: DL Publishing On: 6:48 PM
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  • Funny Weight Loss Cartoon

    By: DL Publishing On: 6:47 PM
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  • Funny Business Sign

    By: DL Publishing On: 6:46 PM
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  • Can't Find A Toilet ? Follow The Sign....

    By: DL Publishing On: 6:46 PM
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  • Do Not Disturb, Do Not Spit Too Loud !

    By: DL Publishing On: 6:45 PM
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  • JCPenney Bra Dude !

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:59 PM
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  • For the dude that needs " the bro" or "mansierre" in a pinch.

    A Salute To Coke Can Suit Dude

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:53 PM
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  • This dude made his own coke can blazer and got a date ! Unbelieveable !

    Pin-up Goddess Wannabee Model- Too Sexy For Military !

    By: DL Publishing On: 10:49 AM
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  • Doing her service to keep the homefires warm for our men serving in the military. You think we should send her to the frontline ?

    True Love

    By: DL Publishing On: 10:38 AM
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  • Do You Like Big Butts ?

    By: DL Publishing On: 10:35 AM
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  • Nuns Showing Off Their Legs

    By: DL Publishing On: 10:30 AM
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  • Tequila - Funny !

    By: DL Publishing On: 7:53 PM
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  • If the drug companies can do it, Liquor companies should be able to.

    Dirty Laundry Joke

    By: DL Publishing On: 7:04 PM
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  • A woman was unhappy with the way her laundry was done at the local
    Chinese Laundry, so she wrote a note and put it in the bag with the
    next collection of soiled clothes :
    She got the clean laundry back, and was still dissatisfied with the
    results, so the following week she enclosed another note:
    The Chinese laundryman became very annoyed, and when her clean
    laundry was delivered, it contained a note from HIM:

    Keep Smiling!

    If you don't laugh while reading this you must have been single all your life. (Written by a Guy to a woman who accidentally walked into a men's restroom...)

    By: DL Publishing On: 11:30 AM
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  • If you don't laugh while reading this you must have been single all your life. 
    (Written by a Guy to a woman who accidentally walked into a men's restroom...)
    Please don't feel bad, lady. It wasn't you entering the men's washroom that caused that guy to pee on the guy next to him. Hell, we do that all the time. It's rare for us guys to ever hit what were aiming for. Sometimes I go into the washroom, start to pee, and then just start spinning around; just so I'll make sure I hit something. 

    You see, something you ladies should understand by now is that men's penises have a mind of their own. A guy can go into a bathroom stall because all the urinals are being used, take perfect aim at the toilet, and his penis will still manage to pee all over the roll of toilet paper, down his left pant leg, and onto his shoe. I'm telling ya those little buggers can't be trusted. 

    After being married 28 years my wife has me trained. I'm no longer allowed to pee like a man, standing up. I am required to sit down and pee. She has convinced me that this is a small price to pay. Otherwise if she had gone to the toilet one more time at night and either sat on a pee soaked toilet seat, or fell right into the toilet because I forgot to put the seat down, she was going to kill me in my sleep. 

    Now another thing us guys don't usually like to talk about, but because you and I have become such good friends and you think I'm a classy guy, I might as well be candid with you because it's a real problem, and you ladies need to be understanding. It's the dreaded "morning wood." 

    Most mornings us guys wake up with two things. A tremendous desire to pee, and a penis so hard you could cut diamonds with it. Well, no matter how hard you try, you can't get that thing to bend, and if it don't bend you can't aim, well hell, if you can't aim you have no choice but to pee all over the wallpaper and that damn fuzzy toilet seat cover you women insist on putting on the toilet. 

    And by the way, when you use those damn fuzzy toilet seat covers, the friggin' toilet seat won't stay up by itself. So that means we have to use one hand to hold up the toilet seat and the other hand to try to control ourselves for that perfect aim. 

    Now sometimes, when you're newly married, (and I know the guys in here will back me up on this) you think you can get the toilet seat with that damn fuzzy thing to stay up. You jam it back and compress that fuzzy thing until the seat stays there. OK, so you start to pee, but then that compressed fuzzy starts to decompress and without warning that damn toilet seat comes flying down and tries to whack off your weenie. 

    So us guys will not lift a toilet seat with a fuzzy, it's just not safe. I tried to delicately explain this morning situation to my wife. I told her look, it won't bend. She said, "Sit down like I told you to do all the rest of the time." OK. I tried sitting down on the toilet with "morning wood." 

    Well, it's is very hard to get it bent under the toilet seat, and before I could manage it, I had peed all over the bath towels hanging on the wall across the room. Now, even if you are sitting down and you can get it forced down under the toilet seat, when you start to pee the pee shoots out from the crack between the bottom of the toilet seat and the top of the bowl. You pee all over the back of your knees and it runs down the back of our legs on to that damn matching fuzzy horseshoe rug you keep putting on the floor in front of the toilet. 
    I have found the only effective maneuver to deal with this morning urinary dilemma is to assume the flying superman position laying over the toilet seat. 

    This takes a great deal of practice, perfect balance, and split time precision but it's the only sure way to get all the pee in the bowl during the first morning pee. 

    So you ladies have to understand that we men are not totally to blame. We are sensitive to your concerns about hygiene and bathroom cleanliness, but there are times when things just get beyond our control.

    It's not our fault, it's just Mother Nature.
    Now, if it were Father Nature, there wouldn't have been a problem!

    Chelsea Clinton Comic

    By: DL Publishing On: 11:21 AM
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  • Ronald McDonald Loses His Mind ! or Something

    By: DL Publishing On: 4:09 PM
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  • Either Ronald has lost weight from the dollar menu or gained weight from supesizin it, but we saw some shots of him getting into trouble.

    Ronald the Supersize Years...

    He Lost Weight After the Dollar Menu came out

    He turned to crime after the Monopoly game pay-outs

    Crazy People Real News !

    By: DL Publishing On: 8:51 PM
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  • 'The Bachelor': Ben wards off crazy women on first night
    As usual, the network has upped the crazy this season, giving Ben a whole slew of mentally unstable, well-endowed women to try to fall in love with.

    Top Weird News 2011: The Year's 11 Oddest News Stories
    While doomsday evangelist Harold Camping predicted the world would end May 21, we at HuffPost Weird News knew the truth -- our strange world was only becoming more bizarre this year.

    Odd News: Man falls asleep at McDonald's drive-thru
    The Huffington Post is reporting that a Tennessee man was arrested after falling asleep at the drive-thru window of a Chicago McDonald's on New Year's Day.

    Jamaican Woman Wards Off Devil in CVS

    By: DL Publishing On: 8:16 PM
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  • Crazy Dressed Woman

    By: DL Publishing On: 7:13 PM
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  • Look Now Boys, You Can't Touch This

    By: DL Publishing On: 7:10 PM
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  • Dude In A Weird Dress.

    By: DL Publishing On: 2:20 PM
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  • Ummm. Ok ?

    Worse Strippers Ever !

    By: DL Publishing On: 7:17 PM
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  • She took his car in a divorce

    By: DL Publishing On: 5:34 PM
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