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By: Nicolas Laube On: 7:04 AM
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  • Money 
     It can buy a house

     But not a home

    It can buy a clock

    But not time

    It can buy you a position

    But not respect

    It can buy you a bed

    But not sleep

    It can buy you a book

     But not knowledge

    It can buy you medicine

    But not health

    It can buy you blood

    But not life

    So you see money isn't everything

    And it often causes pain and suffering

    I tell you this because I am your friend

     And as your friend I want to
    Take away your pain and suffering!!

    Send me all your money

    And I will suffer for you!


    Cash only please!

    After all, what are friends for, huh??




    1. Lol. I liked this one. I haven't seen it before

    2. I kept reading waiting for the twist. Funny!

    3. I was actually thinking the end was going to be all moral. it Got me,lol.

    4. I am ready and willing to take on all the suffering for my peeps. Send to my home address please. :)

    5. That was good...I was waiting for the main plot or something.

    6. This way helping people with their suffering is a great pleasure.

    7. I loved how this one ended. I wouldn't mind helping people with their suffering either! Lol