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Very amusing signs

By: Nicolas Laube On: 6:07 AM
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  • Sometimes a name change is the best idea...

    Major dilemma in California . 

    How do you get there from here?

    Everything you need for
    your "shotgun" wedding!

    It's a good deal, but... oh, the college costs!

    McLogic gone wrong..
    Still Dead, Huh???........Go Figure...

    " Mass suicides...Cows going over the edge...tonight on Channel 3 News..."
    Load 'em up with burritos, Mom!!

    I'm Confused.. But The Gas Prices Look Good
    How does that work?

    I can't even comment on this one

    ok  ;...

    Speling iz knot imprtunt fir astranawts
    Make up your mind

    Don't drink and make signs...
    Just some things to make your day a bit brighter.


    1. Lol, these really made me laugh! The sign with the falling cow gets ya a little worried...lol!

    2. LOL some of these could lead to confusion.

    3. Need a good laugh? Read these signs!

    4. These signs really made me laugh! haha

    5. These signs are better than the funnies!

    6. I actually like a small distance away from the town of "Weed" that, of course, is near the Univ. of CA at Chico... ;)

    7. Oh these were funny. I loved the Kennedy Air Space one!

    8. Some of these were hilarious! I had a great laugh out of all of them!!

    9. Om my gosh...these made me spit my pop all over my keyboard! lol Some of these are are just too funny.